János A. Csirik

Hi! This Web page belongs to the person pictured on the right. I am a mathematician, from Hungary, and my name is pronounced YAH-nosh CHI-rick. I live in New York City with my wife, Susan Harrington.

Pages relating to my work

As of February 2003, I work for D.E. Shaw & Co as a quantitative analyst.
Professional information: My educational and employment history and such stuff.
My research papers: Selected efforts from mathematics, cryptography, auction theory, and other such fun stuff.

Other pages I have created

Non-fiction book recommendations: A list of books that I think are very good.
Distribution of coin types in a jar: For those who want to know more about the contents of the jar in which they dump their loose change at the end of the day.
Linux on a Toshiba Portege 2000: Brief installation instructions.
CS-104U USB KVM switch: Did not work for me.

Web pages for other people named Csirik

János Csirik (without a middle initial): my father; of Szeged, Hungary.
If you are also called Csirik and want me to put a link to your page from here, please let me know!

Other pages of interest

Slate magazine: Often good reporting on current events.
Metafilter: An eclectic collection of links that is often updated and often turns up something interesting.
The Register: Biting the hand that feeds IT (=information technology). A superb source for geeky news.
Unison: Software for directory synchronization. A very useful tool (if you need to do such a thing), written by Benjamin Pierce and others.
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen's site on Web design. He applies some common sense to the subject and should be read by many more people. The site is very informative, although you have to fork over some money to read the best bits (I only assume those bits are the best: I haven't seen them myself). The design of this site is closely based on useit.com.

Contact information

Here is what I look like:

Photograph of Janos A. Csirik

You can send me email at janos (at) my-last-name dot net

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